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How can I get the aggregated information of my MPF accounts?

You have to input funds you have currently and previously invested, no. of owned shares and the amount of monthly invested of the contributing funds first. Then our system will aggregate the information you provided and generate your portfolio.

Do I have to provide any personal data for aggregating the MPF 

No, in general. However, you will have to provide your personal data when you apply for a transferal of your MPF benefits.

What is the risk assessment for?

It is for identifying the level of risk you're willing to take when investing, then choose the appropriate fund selection for your portfolio based on the result of this.

Am I able to transfer the benefits to another fund in different MPF trustees? How?

Of course, yes! Only one step to do - fill the application form. Our compatible form filling system allows users to apply fund of different MPF trustees, which they do not have to fill the forms one by one. It is convenient for the user and time-saving. 

How can this app help to perform a better strategy while choosing a MPF fund?

We have the "Comparison" and "Advisory" features, which allows the user to compare the performance of their favourite funds, and to get advice from the agents of corresponding trustees. The users could also examine the performance of the funds in their portfolio then adjust it for higher return.

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